R. A. Dickey | The Story of a Pitcher

Against all odds, the veteran New York Mets R. A. Dickey has been a major stoppers in the National League this season, and one of the best stories of all majors. Departing from the inconsistency that has been brand those who, like him, are dependent on a pitch as hard to master as the knuckle, the right of 37 years has won nine consecutive decisions and has had 13 quality starts in his first 14 performances of the season.

Sure, the knuckleballer has saved the best for the last few weeks, presenting 6-0, 0.18 in his last six starts with one earned run allowed, 63 strikeouts and just five transfers in 48.2 innings. All this culminated with hit games thrown in succession, a feat achieved by only three pitchers in the last 50 years and only ten in history.

Several separate qualities of R. A. Dickey individualist most we’ve seen in the recent past: The speed above normal it can pull the release, which has the ability to change speeds with the same and excellent command of the strike zone, which has allowed just two transfers average per nine innings in the last three years.

Being a knuckleballer, a Proportion that is Outstanding

For comparison, Tim Wakefield was always considered a “knuckleballer” controlled yet granted 5.3 BB per nine innings over his career.

R. A. Dickey | Next Sport Star

R. A. Dickey | Next Sport Star

Another interesting fact about R. A. Dickey is the fact that it has not yet launched the first wild pitch in 2012. Returning to Wakefield, this had 10 or more wild pitches in four of his last five seasons.

One obstacle after Another

Typically, pitchers who appeal to knuckle do it as a last-ditch appeal to save a career that goes downhill. In that sense, R. A. Dickey is no exception. In his recently published autobiography, tells a host of obstacles it has encountered since childhood, starting with having been sexually abused twice: first by a nurse and then when he was the victim of a homosexual attack.

After becoming a star pitcher at the University of Tennessee, he was the first pick of the Texas Rangers in the 1996 draft.The economic uncertainty that had lived was about to be left behind. But fate had other plans.

It turns out that he was part of the team’s starting rotation to represent the United States at the Atlanta Olympics, to be held this summer. As part of that group, appeared on the cover of the trade publication Baseball America with the other team’s starter Kris Benson, Billy Koch, Braden Looper and Seth Greisinger.

Dr. John Conway, a member of the medical corps of the Rangers, who already he had offered a bonus of U.S. $ 810,000 – noted that the alleged future star had his arm placed at an odd angle and alerted their organization. Medical tests showed an amazing result: R.A. Dickey was born without the ulnar collateral ligament, supposedly indispensable to effectively launch.

R. A. Dickey

The Rangers, alarmed by a limitation of this magnitude, they decide to withdraw the offer to your first choice. Eventually, a tiny bonus offer of $ 75,000, which R.A. Dickey finally agrees to start their career.

Instructions from above

After almost a decade of high and lower than poor numbers in the majors, the veteran is called to a meeting with Buck Showalter, Orel Hershiser and John Hart. In the month of April 2005, there he receives a clear and concise statement: Back to the minors and become full-time knuckleballer only alternative to perhaps return to the majors. At that point, the “stuff” of R. A. Dickey had deteriorated to the point that fastball did not exceed 84 mph, about 6 miles down on the time when it was signed.

There began a pitch dependency extremely difficult to perfect.It is the essential reason why are not more nudillistas. And so the few that stand out are a community that provides assistance to the “newbies”.

 So it was that R. A. Dickey was assisted by Charlie Hough and Phil Niekro to adjust his mechanics and improve the grip of the ball, in addition to receiving the advice of the recently retired Tim Wakefield. Those three also adopted as a last knuckle and 734 victories achieved add.

Seen what R. A. Dickey has done in the last three years for the Mets, and especially the results achieved in 2012, is to be considered a star pupil. With 37 years and fluent in a release that preserves his arm, not cause surprise if you spend the next decade swings ruining major league hitters.